Passenger Car

Passenger car tires from Duro have a special tread design that delivers high speed performance and reduced rolling resistance for all road conditions.  Special rubber compounds provide long tread life and greater fuel economy.

Touring and Performance

Duro Touring and Performance Tires

Duro's touring and performance tires are well equipped to handle today's more popular high performance sports cars and suv's. 


Light Truck

Duro Light Truck Tires

Duro's light truck tires offer a wide footprint that improves overall handling, stability and wear resistance during heavy hauling.  More rubber on the road keeps your cab and trailer load safe and secure through even the toughest driving conditions.


Nearly 70 Years of Quality
Duro has been around since 1945 and in that time, we've learned a few things about making tires.  We build over fifty years of technology into each tire we make.  We ensure that all of our products are designed and manufactured to the highest safety standards while still providing long life and maximum use for each application.  Read More...
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