Tire Replacement Guide

Choosing the Right Size

When it comes time to replace the tires on your vehicle, consult the owner's manual or the vehicle information placard which is normally located on the door post, glove box, Or trunk. These will indicate the size of the tire recommended by the manufacture. 

How Many Tires to Replace

If all four of your tires have worn at the same rate and all need to be replaced, then you're in luck. You know that all four have to be replaced. If only 1 or so needs to be replaced, then

As we mentioned in Tire Safety Tips, it is a good idea to replace at least two of your tires, If not all four, at one time. If you can't, then it is recommended that the new tires be placed on the rear of the vehicle. In general, newer tires have better grip and handling. Installing the new tires on the rear of the vehicle reduces the risk of over-steer and loss of vehicle control.

Mounting New Tires

Mounting tires is a potentially dangerous operation that should only be done by a trained professional using the proper tools, equipment and procedures.

When to Replace Your Tires

Tires need to be replaced once they have been worn down to the tread wear indicators or if fail the "penny test," You can find out more about these on our tire maintenance section.  Also, some states consider tires to be worn out if they have been worn down to the last 2/32nd Inch of tread wear.

Now, you don't have to wait until they are bald to decide to replace your tires. It you feel that they are not safe enough before the tread gets that low, then yes, you might want to go ahead and replace those tires.